Pope Francis calls for opposition “to any direct attempt on life”

Publié le : 18 April 2014

 On Friday, 11 April, before a delegation of the Italian Catholic Pro-Life Movement, Pope Francis vehemently condemned abortion. He stressed that "Any civil right is based on recognition of the first basic right, namely the right to life, which is not subject to any qualitative or economic conditions and even less so to any ideological beliefs".

Today, he went on to say that, "One of the most serious risks to which our era is exposed is the divorce between the economy and morals, between the options provided by a market equipped with all the latest technological advances and the basic ethical standards of human nature, which are being increasingly overlooked". In fact, he "stressed the need to oppose, as vehemently as possible, any direct attempt on life, especially that of the defenceless and innocent, and the child carried within its mother’s womb is innocent by definition". Pope Francis reminded people of the words of the Vatican II Council on this subject: "Life must therefore be safeguarded with extreme care, right from conception: abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes". 

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