Poland launches a programme to fund in vitro fertilization

Publié le : 28 March 2013

 On Wednesday 20 March, the Polish Minister for Health, Bartosz Arlukowicz, announced that Poland would fund in vitro fertilization beginning on 1 July this year, a programme that had been announced on 22 October last. It will last three years, concerning 15,000 couples and will cost 250 million zlotys, that is around €60 million, the Minister said. For a couple, "the cost of the procedure is estimated by the government at 7,500 zlotys (€1,800)." It will be reimbursed by the social security and "will be available only for married couples in which the woman is aged under 40.
"To avoid a stormy parliamentary debate with an uncertain result, the government of Donald Tusk has decided to get the funding of IVF through in a ministerial decree this time, and not in a parliamentary bill." The conservative opposition has announced that it will approach the Constitutional Court to rule on the legality of the procedure. 

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