PNS for Down syndrome: ultrasound scanners demand performance indicators

Publié le : 29 March 2013

 On Monday 25 March, 16 members of CNEOF, the French National Commission for Obstetric and Foetal Ultrasound Scanning, announced that they were resigning "to protest against the absence of an assessment of the prenatal screening for Down syndrome set up in 2010". In a press release they called for "a scrupulous assessment by the health authorities of this screening procedure which has made it possible to reduce the number of amniocenteses by a half, thus avoiding the loss of 450 pregnancies and reducing the annual health care costs by €20 million."          

Interviewed by Agence France Presse (AFP), "Prof. Jacques Lansac, the Commission’s president who has resigned, said that after months of prevarication, the Biomedicine Agency had announced that it would not set up the projected database needed for improving practices and supplying the information necessary for the enlightened choice of families." Prof. Lansac pointed out: "We want to have these data to know if we are not missing out on some cases of Down syndrome. […]  We want to avoid having parents attacking us because they have had a child with Down syndrome in spite of the screening."

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