PGD in Switzerland: The Science Commission favours screening for Down syndrome

Publié le : 23 June 2014

The debate on pre-implantation diagnosis is continuing in Switzerland. The Council of States (Upper Chamber) adopted a draft bill last March in which it decided not to authorise the screening of Down syndrome or designer babies. This bill was proposed by the Federal Council (Gènéthique press review on March 10th, 2014). 


Consequently, the National Council (Lower Chamber) decided to authorise the screening of Down syndrome for couples at risk of transmitting a serious condition to their children (Gènéthique press review on June 2nd, 2014).


The Science Commission of the Council of States then made its announcement: by 7 votes to 3 it “suggests following a National approach“: “Down syndrome screening should be authorised for all couples resorting to in-vitro fertilisation in order to have children“. Conversely, it does not agree on the number of embryos created during IVF: It set the number of embryos to 12 instead of 8.


The draft bill must be reconsidered by the Council of States next September in order to trigger a referendum.

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