Paralysed in left arm at the age of 20 following removal of contraceptive implant

Publié le 26 Oct, 2018

Priscilla aged 20 has been paralysed in her left arm since her contraceptive implant was removed. “We don’t know who or what to blame—the implant or the gynaecologist”, explains the young woman who is pressing charges for accidental injury against the hospital Cateau-Cambrésis, in the Nord region of Northern France. She also hopes to increase awareness amongst women by publicising her case.


The contraceptive implant in her arm was removed on 5 September 2018. However, on waking up from the general anaesthetic, she had lost all feeling in part of her left forearm with 80% nerve involvement. The hospital nevertheless defends itself:  “this procedure was carried out in accordance with current guidelines”.


An autograft was therefore required to repair the affected nerve with part of the forearm. She could no longer do her hair or pick up objects, and found it difficult to look after her four year-old daughter. Despite numerous rehabilitation sessions prescribed for her, the risk of life-long paralysis is 40%.


“It’s not normal to have a paralysed arm at 20 because of an implant”, asserts Priscilla’s mother.


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