Palliative care in Belgium: an increasing demand

Publié le 4 Jun, 2015

On Thursday 4 June, “the palliative care sector sounded the alarm” to coincide with a meeting of the French-speaking Parliament in Brussels. “Hemicycle Thursdays” were introduced by Julie de Groote, President of the French-speaking Parliament in Brussels, to “directly link legislative power and civil society on specific topics affected by the transfer of competence associated with State reform”.


Belgian palliative care professionals must face up to an “ever-increasing” demand to which they cannot respond.  Consequently, “waiting lists to die less painfully” have emerged and sometimes services even refuse”access to palliative care”. “A lack of adequate training on different levels” has also been denounced.


Gènéthique note: traditional palliative care has drastically changed in Belgium with the authorisation of euthanasia under certain terms and conditions in 2002.

rtbf (04/06/2015)

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