Over 250,000 babies born by IVF in England

Publié le 18 Nov, 2016

In England, figures published by the “Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority” (HFEA) confirm that more than 250,000 babies have been born through IVF therapy since 1978. These are the facts presented by one department of the British Ministry of Health, which also stated that the 250,000th IVF baby was born in February 2015.


The HFEA figures also show a marked increase in the number of IVF and other MAP treatments over the last 25 years with success rates rising from 14% in 1991 to 26.5% in 2014 (see England: IVF figures).


The  British Fertility Society welcomed these figures.Sally Cheshire, President of the HFEA, was also delighted with the outcome: “When the HFEA was created in 1991, we never imagined that over 250,000 babies would be born just 25 years later thanks to assisted reproduction”.


Susan Seenan, General Manager of the charitable organisation, Charity Infertility, countered remark this with: “A recent survey shows that, if you need IVF in Britain, you have to overcome a series of emotional, social and financial obstacles. You have to pay astronomical sums of money, will not receive appropriate medical information or psychological support and your social relationships will sometimes deteriorate. We still have a long way to go when it comes to helping individuals affected by fertility problems. (…) IVF doesn’t suit everyone”.



The Guardian (04/11/2016)

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