Organ donations: China says it wants to “cease depending on donations from executed prisoners”

Publié le : 17 December 2012
 In November, the Chinese Vice-Minister for Health, Huang Jiefu, announced that "the transplanting of organs will completely cease to depend on donations from executed prisoners within two years." Thus, "China is preparing to make great progress in the field of ethics" in terms of organ donations. The article points out that, currently, "Chinese hospitals use the bodies of those sentenced to death as an almost exclusive source of organ transplants.
The article ends by pointing out that in 2009 "Beijing finally acknowledged that 65% of organs came from executions," but the authorities "refused to reveal the number of executions." Lastly, "to make up for the increase in demand, the authorities have launched a programme of voluntary organ donation intended over two years to replace the present system that uses executed prisoners."

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