“One of Us”: increased mobilisation

Publié le : 28 June 2013

 The civic mobilisation called "One of Us" which aims at the banning of EU funding for any programmes leading to the destruction of human embryos, and notably research on the human embryo, "is expanding and changing its scale." This seems to be denied by the French government which has "relaunched its offensive against the embryo," according to the Fondation Jérôme Lejeune in a press release. On July 11, an extraordinary session of the National Assembly will once again debate the bill authorising research on the embryo.   

Yet the EU citizens are expressing their disagreement: "600,000 Europeans have already signed the ‘One of Us’ civic initiative," including 40,000 French signatures. The goal is to obtain 60,000 by 11 July in order "to send a strong message for the promotion of human dignity to the French MPs." So far, Italy alone has collected over 220,000 signatures. It "leads the movement with Poland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Spain and the Netherlands, all countries which have reached their minimum quota of signatures required by the European Commission." Although the condition that a minimum of 7 countries must reach their quota of signatures has been met, the Member States must collect at least 1 million signatures for the petition to be taken into account by the Commission. 

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