“One of Us”: an appeal for mass mobilisation

Publié le : 28 May 2013

 On the Catholic news website Zenit.org, Tobias Teuscher, spokesman for the European civic initiative "One of Us" in Germany, has launched an appeal for mass mobilisation before 31 October to obtain the million signatures of support that are necessary. 

To achieve this goal, he advises "aiming at big gatherings" as these offer "more effective opportunities in terms of gaining mass support," for example, the big anti-gay marriage demonstration to be held on 26 May in Paris. He also advocates "petitioning the municipal councils for public support because it is a question of ensuring compliance with the law of the European Union," or "approaching the declared candidates for the coming elections."  The "One of Us" forms should be distributed as widely as possible, in religious and other establishments, such as parishes or retirement homes, so that "the citizens, whether Christian or not, can say: ‘We want the European Union to comply with its own rules’ when it is a question of protecting the human embryo."
Tobias Teuscher, who is also the secretary of the intergroup in the European Parliament called "Family, Protection of Childhood and Solidarity between the Generations" (chaired by the Slovak MEP Anna Zaborska), reminds readers that the principal goal of this European civic initiative is "respect for the dignity and integrity of the human embryo, in compliance with ruling C-34/10 ‘Brüstle versus Greenpeace’ of the Court of Justice of the European Union, which defines the human embryo as the beginning of the process of the development of the human being." He points out that it is "thanks to Greenpeace that the highest jurisprudence in Europe was brought to issue a ruling on such an important ethical and juridical issue […]" and that "without Greenpeace" the "European petition would not have got off the ground so quickly.
He hails the mobilisation of the Fondation Jérôme Lejeune, Alliance Vita, the Catholic Family Associations and the Protestant Evangelical Committee for Human Dignity, which launched the petition in France.

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