Omnigender, neutrois, intersex… Australian birth certificates with 33 possible genders?

Publié le 17 Dec, 2018

This would allow Australian parents to choose from 33 gender options instead of the traditional ‘male’ or ‘female’ when registering the birth of their children. According to the Australian Labour party, the conventional option would be a form of “discrimination” for transgender individuals.


Labour party leader Bill Shorten previously rejected the idea of deleting gender on civil birth certificates. He preferred to create a draft bill listing the various gender options such as omnigender, neutrois, intersex, etc. The draft bill offers 33 different labels.


The party will also “look at promoting options beyond ‘binary male and female’”.


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Daily Mail, Sahar Mourad (26/11/2018)

Photo : Pixabay DR

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