Oklahoma Governor opposes the veto of the draft bill banning abortion

Publié le 22 May, 2016

On Friday, Oklahoma Governor, Mary Fallin, opposed the draft bill vetoed by the Senate the day before, aimed at banning abortion except in cases where the mother’s life is in jeopardy (see No abortion ban in Oklahoma).

In a press release, she announced that the draft bill was too “vague” and “ambiguous” for doctors to determine “with any certainty the medical conditions that could be considered essential to save the mother’s life”. In favour of the overall aim of the draft bill, she regretted “the lack of any definition, analysis or medical standard that could expose this vague and unlimited exception [pregnancies jeopardising the mother’s life] to interpretation and subjective implementation”.

According to Mary Fallin, “the best way” to resurrect the decriminalisation of abortion would be to “appoint a conservative judge, opposed to abortion, to the Supreme Court”.

AFP (20/05/2016)

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