Oklahoma : a draft law to protect the human embryo right from conception

Publié le 11 Mar, 2015

The Oklahoma Parliament in the United States has adopted a draft law banning research on embryo stem cells.


The law aims to protect the embryo, which it recognises as “a living organism of the homosapien species, even from its earliest stages of development, including the zygote“. It bans any procedure involving the destruction of a human embryo or leading to the death or injury of the embryo.


The only aspect of embryo research permitted within the law is that which “helps to preserve the life or health of the embryo in question“.

The law known as the Protection of Human Life Act of 2015, proposed by Republican Dan Fisher, was adopted by 80 votes to 13. It must now be examined by the Senate.

Christian Examiner (Will Hall), 11/03/2015

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