Ohio passes the bill banning Down syndrome abortions

Publié le 15 Jan, 2018

On Friday 22 December, Ohio Governor, John Kasich, signed the bill adopted by the Senate last November (see Ban on abortions based on antenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome in Ohio: draft bill adopted by the Lower House and Ohio: Down Syndrome no longer justifies an abortion) which bans the abortion of foetuses diagnosed with Down syndrome.


The law, which should come into force in 90 days, will not only prevent women from requesting an abortion following the diagnosis of Down syndrome, but doctors who perform abortions will also face a felony charge. This will include an 18-month prison sentence, a $5,000 fine, loss of their medical licence and potential criminal proceedings in the event of injury or death of the patient.

Times, Jamie Ducharme (23/12/2017)

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