Nurse who refuses to administer euthanasia to her patients is forced to resign

Publié le 7 Jul, 2017

In Ontario, Canada, a nurse, Mary Jean Martin, refused to administer euthanasia within the legal framework for assisted suicide. She has been forced to resign as a result.


The addition of Law 84 to legislation authorising euthanasia “provides for doctors and nurses to participate in euthanasia and assisted suicide if patients request this approach”. The nurse stated that, if she refused to administer euthanasia, she had to “direct the patient to another individual who would agree. But I tell patients that I cannot even do that because I do not want to play any part in someone’s death”.


Mary Jean Martin has written to her MP and Prime Minister to explain that this new law violates her rights. According to her, “they do not want any opposition on moral grounds. They do not want anyone to personally oppose this practice. They want to make euthanasia standard practice”.

Objection !, Philippe Cappello (26/06/2017)

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