No law legalizing assisted suicide in Guernsey

Publié le 15 Jun, 2018

After three days of debate, the Guernsey Parliament refused to legalize assisted suicide.  Members of the Parliament voted against the bill proposed by Prime Minister Gavin St Pier, with 24 votes against and 14 in favour (cf. Guernsey: Towards the authorisation of assisted suicide?).  A leading government committee refused to support the proposal, believing that it was not a priority and that investigations would exhaust resources.


The law, modelled on a law in the US state of Oregon, was to restrict euthanasia to people with terminal illness who had less than six months to live and had full mental capacity. Residents in the rest of the UK would not have been allowed to travel for “end-of-life tourism”.

Bioegde, Michael Cook (20/05/2018) – Guernsey rejects assisted suicide ; The Guardian, Harriet Sherwood (18/05/2018) – Guernsey parliament votes against assisted dying

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