No abortion rights in Columbia

Publié le : 30 May 2014

 On 6 May 2014 in a battle between pro-life and pro-abortion supporters, the Senate amended and unanimously passed legislation 244/2013 aimed at protecting female victims of sexual violence but excluding the “right” to abortion.

Initially, according to pro-life supporters, article 13 would pave the way to “abortions on demand”, thereby violating State laws and international treaties such as the International Convention on the RIghts of the Child or the Inter-American Convention on Human Rights, which recognises the “right to life”.

It should be remembered that, in 2006, Columbia became one of the first Latin American States to legalise abortion on three conditions: in the event of rape or incest, in cases where the mother’s health or life was in jeopardy and in cases where fœtal deformities threatened viability.

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