NIPS soon to be reimbursed in Luxembourg?

Publié le 22 Sep, 2016

Non-invasive prenatal screening for Down syndrome has been available on the European market for many years. The national health authorities are now considering incorporating it into their screening policies, which would mean that such tests would be refunded within their social security systems.


In Luxembourg, this test costs between €300 and €900, per hour, “and is paid for by patients”. A working party created in 2015 and comprising gynaecologists, geneticists, molecular biology specialists, representatives of the Social Security Medical Control and Health Directorate have reached a “unanimous” decision: “This screening test should be paid for”in the case of women who are “at risk”. This same group will review “concrete proposals” on “eligibility criteria” before the end of the year.

Luxemburger Wort (15/09/2016)

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