New Zealand: a majority opposes assisted suicide

Publié le 7 Jan, 2019

In New Zealand, a third attempt to legalize euthanasia is underway through a bill proposed by Act Party leader David Seymour. A consultation held in May generated 35,000 responses. A few months later, the analysis of the responses shows that 92% of the respondents oppose the bill. “This is opposition from all walks of life and professional groups across the spectrum” says Family First New Zealand. Supporters of assisted suicide have argued that the only opposition comes from religious people, but 82% of responses to the consultation “contained no reference to religious arguments”. On the other hand, “208 submissions referred to religious reasoning in supporting euthanasia”. New Zealanders want a conversation – but they are opposed to assisted suicide as the solution, says Family First NZ, who are asking the government for a “real Christmas present”: providing the very best palliative care and support for vulnerable people.

Scoop New Zealand (11/12/2018)

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