New US Supreme Court Justice nominated

Publié le 2 Aug, 2018

On Monday evening, US President, Donald Trump, named Brett Kavanaugh as a nominee for Supreme Court Justice. In his televised address, President Trump stated that he had not chosen the candidates based on “their personal opinions but on their ability to put those to one side and do what the law and the Constitution require”. He paid homage to Brett Kavanaugh, “one of the finest and sharpest legal minds in our time” with impeccable credentials and unsurpassed qualifications” and “a proven commitment to equal justice under the law”.


Judge Kavanaugh, a Yale graduate, has already worked at the Supreme Court for Justice Anthony Kennedy whom he will replace. He was also a member of special prosecutor, Kenneth Star’s team, and was involved in the legal foundations for Bill Clinton’s impeachment. He has been a federal judge at the Washington Court of Appeal since 2006.


His nomination must be confirmed by the Senate.

Le Figaro, Philippe Gélie (10/07/2018) 

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