New study linking abortion and breast cancer

Publié le : 15 January 2014

 A study_* carried out in India, in the Department of Gastro-enterology and Human Nutrition Unit at the All Medical Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMSes) – an independent group of public medical schools in New Delhi – has been published in the Indian Journal of Cancer corroborating other studies linking breast cancer to abortion.

The doctors who carried out the study have shown that women who undergo an abortion are 6.26 times more likely to develop breast cancer, compared to women with full-term pregnancies. This study highlights the fact that an abortion weakens muscular tissue in the breast, which enhances sensitivity to carcinogenic cells. It has also been suggested that the state of cell proliferation triggered by an abortion results in "increased susceptibility to carcinogenicity", i.e. the onset of cancer due to a cell transformed by several mutations.

This study was published just after another "bombshell" was dropped in China by Dr. Yubei Huang, who published a summary of several studies on the same subject. The results showed that women who undergo an abortion increase their risk of contracting breast cancer by 44%.
*Bhadoria A S, Kapil U, Sareen N, Singh P. Reproductive factors and breast cancer: A case-control study in tertiary care hospital of North India. Study published in: Indian Journal of Cancer

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