New offensive on gender theory in schools

Publié le : 7 May 2013
The controversy around including gender theory in the secondary school biology and earth science textbooks in 2010 is still fresh in people’s minds. But the partisans of this theory are not satisfied and wish to "incorporate more thoroughly the LGBT issues" in the school textbooks.        
This subject was central at a seminar on school textbooks organised on 19 April in the National Assembly by the think-tank République et Diversité. This seminar, supported by the Minister for Educational Success, concluded that these textbooks "need to be improved in these areas," and deplored that they "leave out homosexuality" and that "the issue of sexual orientation is hardly touched upon."
The future National Programmes Council will work on the new contents of the textbooks indicated by the Minister for Education, Vincent Peillon, this summer, to be ready for the new school year in 2015. In the meantime, UNI, the inter-university union, has launched an Observatory on gender theory, and invited signatures for a petition (142,000 signatures to date) to "obtain the withdrawal of an amendment to the bill on schools (to be voted on in May)." The amendment submitted by Julie Sommaruga states that schools must "ensure the conditions for education in gender equality." The Minister for Education, speaking in a television debate (Grand Jury RTL-LCI-Le Figaro), said that there is "great confusion on this issue," and interpreted the term “gender equality” used in this amendment to mean "equality between girls and boys." To "reassure" people, he said he was "against gender theories when they go as far as to negate sexual difference." Nevertheless, this amendment will be debated as it stands if it is not withdrawn, and without the prudent interpretation of Mr Peillon.

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