“Murder legalised in Canada”

Publié le 22 Jun, 2016

Following legalisation of medically assisted dying in Canada, Catholic Bishops announced that “Murder has been legalised in Canada”. They are afraid of “abuse, slippery slopes and the risk of extending the law, as seen in other countries following the legalisation of euthanasia”. Monsignor Simard is especially afraid that “the right to euthanasia will become a duty, placing the elderly and more vulnerable under a lot of pressure”.


Involved since early discussions on this draft bill began, the Canadian Church has repeatedly stated that it is not in favour of relentless treatment but against the legalisation of euthanasia. However, “it does not appear to be giving up” and shows so far that “what is legal isn’t necessarily moral”.


Cardinal Thomas Collins has “invited Canadian society to question the basic difference between dying and being killed”. He pointed out that “a person’s dignity cannot be reduced to his/her autonomy or ability to function according to service standards”.

Radio Vatican (22/06/2016)

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