More and more transgender individuals want to cancel their sexual conversion

Publié le 12 Nov, 2018

Professor Miroslav Djordjevic, the first surgeon in the world to perform genital reconstruction, confirms that a large number of individuals, especially transgender women over the age of 30, regret their sex change and want to cancel their “sexual conversion”. He does not want these regrets to be a taboo subject.


Five years ago, the first person who underwent surgery to remove his male genital organs consulted Professor Djordjevic following a change of heart. Since then, other people have come from all over the world because they also want to reverse their procedures. The “reconstruction” of male genitalia is a complex procedure that requires several operations and costs about18,000 Euros. These patients now regret their initial decision and have experienced depression since their transition. These common denominators have even led some of them to consider suicide. Some have also been refused a second procedure by the clinic that performed the initial surgery. Professor Miroslav Djordjevic suspects that the problem may be financial. He also believes that psychological counselling and assessments were not always carried out properly from the outset. Furthermore, he is concerned about the age at which some clinics agree to perform this type of surgery – sometimes even before puberty.

National Post (2/10/2018)

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