Mexico: 12 abortions to 15 births

Publié le : 28 April 2014

 On the seventh anniversary of the legalisation of abortion in Mexico City, organisations sounded the alarm. 

In 2009, The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) recorded 153,237 births in the City of Mexico whilst Mexico College and the Guttmacher Institute recorded 122,455 abortions over the same period, i.e. 12 abortions to 15 births.

According to Ingrid Tapia, lawyer and TAD (Think – Action – Development) specialist, the abortion programme introduced by the City of Mexico Government and carried out over the last seven years has largely promoted abortion instead of implementing programmes intended to help pregnant women and their children: “Seven years ago, the local government stated that the legalisation of abortion would considerably reduce illegal practices and therefore maternal mortality. But clearly, maternal mortality remains a problem, illegal abortions have not disappeared and no-one knows for certain how many abortions have taken place and under what conditions“. 

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