Men could “bring babies into the world” 5to 10 years from now

Publié le 29 Nov, 2015

Men bring children into the world? This may be feasible. According to Dr. Karine Chung, Director of the Fertility Preservation Programme at the Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, it will be possible “to transplant uteruses in men to allow them to procreate”5 to 10 years from now.


In November 2015, the Cleveland Clinic announced that it could transplant a uterus to a woman born without a uterus or with a damaged organ (cf Généthique du 16 novembre 2015). One year earlier, in Sweden, four children were born thanks to uterus transplantation (cf. Gènéthique du 6 octobre 2014)µ. “Since, nowadays, fertility specialists are capable of transplanting a uterus to women born without that specific organ or with a diseased or dysfunctional organ, why can’t the procedure also be conducted in men?”queried the Marie-Claire magazine. Dr. Chung confirms that “the male and female anatomy is not that different. At some time or other, someone will manage to do this”.


 Dr. Christine McGinn, transgender surgeon and mother of twins, pointed out that treatments that can “create breasts capable of producing milk and construct a vagina” are already available. She added that, “transgender people could logically be the first subjects to generate this type of demand”.


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