Medically induced abortion: the FDA “relaxes” its recommendations

Publié le 30 Mar, 2016

The FDA[1] has “relaxed” its recommendations concerning the abortion pill.  From now on, the recommended dose of mifepristone is 200 mg (compared to the previous dose of 600 mg). As the dose has been reduced, adverse effects no longer call for mandatory medical appointments. Furthermore, the legal length of time for a medically induced abortion has been extended from the seventh to the tenth week of pregnancy.


RU 486 was authorised in 2000 in the United States.  The package leaflet has not been modified since then but it has not been complied with by doctors who followed “scientific consensus”. The FDA reported that its decision was based solely on scientific arguments.


Those in favour of abortion welcome this decision which “bridges the gap between practice and legislation”. Contrastingly, “opponents of abortion” have warned against the risks associated with this pill. “It seems that this decision is inspired by the convenience and profitability of the abortion industry,” declared Randall O’Bannon, Education and Research Director for the National Pro-Life Committee.


[1] Food and Drug Administration.


New York TImes (31/03/2016)

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