Medically assisted reproduction in Spain: babies guaranteed in 24 months or money back

Publié le 24 May, 2018

IVI, the Spanish fertility clinic in Valencia[1], is launching a new programme with guarantees that could prove interesting to Europeans: “With IVI Baby you will have your baby home with you in a maximum time frame of 24 months”. In the event of failure, IVI is committed to refunding women and couples.


In France, criteria for the reimbursement of medically assisted reproduction treatment is regulated. It is available to heterosexual couples diagnosed with an infertility problem or at risk of transmitting a genetic disease. The woman must be under 43 years old. Social security will pay for up to four cycles of treatment. Gynaecologists are advising women who do not satisfy or who no longer satisfy these criteria to go to Spain, despite the fact that their proposal is illegal. This is very costly, starting from €5,000 per cycle, depending on options, “but costs could go much higher”. IVI hopes to attract more French women, who are afraid of risking such a large sum of money.


“It’s all a marketing ploy. […] Personally, I think they are ‘playing’ on people’s distress for commercial reasons, laments Philippe Roussel, Vice President of Les Cigognes de l’Espoir, an association which helps people through medically assisted reproduction. “It adds a commercial side to the process”, according to one mother who nevertheless conceived her child via this approach. Philippe Roussel believes that if reimbursement is that straightforward, it’s undoubtedly “because of the comfortable margin in the price”


[1] “Ovarian rejuvenation” under investigation in Spain

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Le Parisien, Christine Mateus (30/04/2018)

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