Medically Assisted Procreation (MAP) – is this the answer when you can’t find a soul mate?

Publié le 27 Mar, 2018

The number of women requesting fatherless MAP has increased by 35%. The most recent figures show that 1,272 women were authorised for fertility treatment without a partner in 2016 compared to 942 in 2014[1].


A generation of women is deciding to have a baby “on their own” through IVF.  According to experts, these women use donor sperm because they haven’t found a soul mate. Similarly, an increasing number of women opt to freeze their eggs simply because they don’t have a partner. Almost one in five women who decide to embark on donor IVF are between 40 and 42 years of age.


MAP is usually offered in the case of infertility. Couples have to try to conceive for two years, through unprotected sexual intercourse before they can qualify for IVF. Those who do not fall into this category, e.g. single women, for instance, must undergo 12 artificial insemination cycles before being authorised for fertility treatment.


These women purchase the donor sperm and finance each insemination cycle at a potential cost of over £10,000.  Given the cost involved, single women are more likely to consider sharing eggs to reduce the fee – they would then donate some of their eggs to other couples.


[1] Source: Fertility and Embryology Authority.

Daily Mail (15/3/2018)

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