Medically assisted dying in Ontario: doctors pull out

Publié le 13 Mar, 2017

In Ontario, “medically assisted dying” has been practised legally for eight months, but is causing discomfort amongst doctors. Twenty-four of them have asked for their names to be removed from the list of professionals practising euthanasia[1]. “About thirty others have made themselves unavailable”, expressing the need for a  “period of reflection”. The number is sufficiently significant to be noted by the Canadian Medical Association. These doctors would have “helped patients to end their lives” and, in doing so, have experienced “emotional stress” or are“afraid of being sued”. They“have found the experience too difficult to repeat” -“the procedure is too painful”.


[1] 137 doctors were included in this list as of 17 February 2017.

Le Journal de Montréal (27/02/2017); The National Post, Sharon Kirkey (27/02/2017)

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