Massive rejection of draft abortion bill by the Irish Parliament

Publié le 8 Jul, 2016

On Thursday, 7 June, the Irish Parliament rejected the draft bill to legalise abortion in cases of foetal deformity. This came as no surprise. This decision echoed Prime Minister Enda Kenny’s sentiments – total opposition to reform.


Currently, abortion is only authorised in Northern Ireland if the mother’s life is in danger. Contrastingly, it is banned in cases of rape, foetal deformity or maternal health risks, the 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution giving equal rights to the mother and the unborn child (see Northern Ireland rejects relaxation of abortion law).


Three Government ministers proposed a review of the current legislation but MPs were massively opposed to the draft bill by 95 votes to 45.


Faced with mounting pressure from the general public calling for a change in the abortion law, Parliament has decided to review another draft bill before long. 

AFP (07/07/2016)

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