March for life: raising awareness in America beyond divides

Publié le 2 Feb, 2016

On 22 January, the American “March for life” on the subject of “prolife feminism” was held in Washington to protect “mother and child linked to the same pregnancy reality and the challenge for life”. Every year, since the United States Supreme Court Case of Roe v Wade back in 1973, the gathering seeks “to mobilise reaction through public opinion” in a “welcoming and enthusiastic atmosphere”,which is part of its appeal”.


The slogans are motivating: “social justice starts in the mother’s womb” and “we are prolife feminists” whilst the younger element highlight the fact that, nowadays, “American youth across the country is directly confronted with the abortion drama”. Adopting a “softer” approach, youngsters involved in life cultures “prefer to talk rather than convince”.


This latest event “shows that the rather binary opposition between prolife and prochoice could soon prove obsolete and limiting”. Going beyond these divides, surveys show that “almost two-thirds of Americans express misgivings when faced with the reality of abortion” and “81% of persons interviewed expect restrictions regarding this dramatic social topic”. “On the market, initiatives are added up and multiply, from the wisest to the most baroque. Addition over division. The cause demands this approach”.


This event proves that “reality is resuming its rightful place. All of this warrants already obsolete and virtually despondent attacks by governments in order to grasp and promote this alleged fundamental right to abortion. In reality, public opinion knows deep-down that it is a painful, human drama, that life is short and that drama should be avoided, not perpetuated.” 

Cahiers libres (29/01/2016)

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