MAP: the “order a daddy” app

Publié le 7 Oct, 2016

The London sperm bank has introduced a “new service” – a mobile app known as “Order a Daddy”, which “allows women to search for a sperm donor of their choice using their smart phone”. Various criteria have been recommended in order to refine the search: eye colour, nationality, profession, personality and health, etc. Women can compile wish lists and will be messaged when a “compatible donor” has been found. The donor will have a number and his “users” can leave comments. On completion of the selection process, a woman can order a sperm sample for just over €1,000, which will be sent to the establishment where she is being monitored.


Half of the clinics practising in-vitro fertilisation in the United Kingdom have signed up to this app, which has also been validated by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).


This is “the ultimate insult to paternity,” as far as Josephine Quintavalle from the Comment on Reproductive Ethics campaign group is concerned.

Independent, May Bulman (25/09/2016)

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