MAP spin-offs: a lesbian couple complain about their black baby

Publié le 2 Oct, 2014

In Ohio, a lesbian couple have decided to lodge a complaint against a sperm bank after having a black baby following insemination.


At 4 months pregnant, Jennifer Cramblett was informed by the Midwest Sperm Bank (Ohio) with which she was dealing that a transcription error had been made and the donor named in the administrative documents was not the person the couple had chosen from the catalogue made available to them. Instead of donor No. 380, white, donor No. 330, black, had been documented.


The bank, which did not wish to enter into discussions with J. Cramblett, proceeded to reimburse the couple for the sperm vials. However, J. Cramblett, has lodged a complaint and is claiming damages with interest amounting to $50,000. 


Daily News (Nicole Hensley) 01/10/2014

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