MAP is “a selfish act” that prevents a child from knowing “where he/she comes from”

Publié le 30 Oct, 2017

For Elina Dumont, social worker and ward of the state, interviewed on RMC (Radio Monte Carlo), MAP (medically assisted pregnancy) is “a selfish act” because it denies a child the opportunity to find out “where he/she comes from“.


 The question is “extremely close to her heart“. She explains why: “When working on a road map with Laurence Rossignol, under Hollande’s government, I had the opportunity to meet a vast number of people who were wards of the state. All of them  – and there were between twenty and forty, perhaps more – suffered at some time or other from not knowing who their fathers were. […] no father – I saw the harm that caused, mostly for the boys, but also for the girls“.


 She explained that she is not against MAP for “religious, ideological reasons or because of being a lesbian. I don’t care about that“. But because she believes that “it’s a selfish act“, because “when you’re young, it’s ok, but I can assure you that, at some point, especially from adolescence onwards, you want to find out your roots. You can’t help it!“. She thinks that two women may be “great” but, “at a certain point, a child needs to develop himself/herself“. She goes on to say: “If the father died in a plane accident, for example, the child would be shown a photo of their father, but in this case, it’s a sperm! When you grow up, you say to yourself, so what does he look like? “.


 Fatima Aït-Bounoua, Professor of French, shared the reticence of psychoanalysts who “are concerned not because they are reactionary but because of the relevance of the father figure in many conditions“.

RMC, plateau des “GG” (19/10/2017)

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