Luxembourg decriminalises abortion

Publié le : 11 April 2014

 On 31 March 2014, during its weekly meeting, the Luxembourg Government Advisory Committee adopted a draft law making various legislative changes relating to abortion in the country.

First and foremost, this draft law amends "the law [dated 15 November 1978] relating to sexual information, the prevention of illegal abortion and legislation governing abortion". The aim? "To help women make a choice and not to steer them in a specific direction". This new legislation decriminalises abortion and incorporates this practice in the law of 1978.

The second amendment, still on the subject of abortion, focuses on the second consultation, which has been mandatory up until now. This second consultation, which is offered by the doctor during the first consultation, is now optional. Thus, it is entirely up to women "to assess whether they need additional advice on the rights, aids and advantages guaranteed by law, on the possibility of adoption and the option to receive psychological and social support". The draft law recommends a series of amendments intended to "emphasise a woman’s right to self-determination". The concept of distress is removed as is "the obligation for a pregnant woman to confirm in writing her intention to have an abortion". Finally the right to conscientious objection is maintained. Every doctor is entitled to refuse to carry out an abortion.

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