Lithuania: the banning of abortion debated in Parliament

Publié le : 4 June 2013

 On Tuesday 28 May, the Lithuanian Parliament "passed on to parliamentary committees a bill submitted by the Polish minority for the banning of abortion in Lithuania.” Zbignev Jedinskij, one of eight MPs of LLRA, the party of the Polish minority which is a member of the coalition in power, says that  "this is a success." He adds: "The vote after the first reading of the bill showed that the MPs are open to debate on this question which is important for society."  This transfer of the bill to the parliamentary committees was approved by 46 MPs (19 voted against and 25 abstained). In its content, the bill adopts the legislation in force in Poland, where "abortion has been banned for the past twenty years, except in cases of rape, incest, the irreversible malformation of the embryo and danger to the life or health of the mother.

In Lithuania, abortion is currently authorised up to the 12th week of pregnancy, "at the simple request of the woman." In this country of 3 million inhabitants, 10,000 abortions are carried out each year. 

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