Legal proceedings surrounding a former sperm bank director in the Netherlands – Health Minister grants access to records

Publié le 3 Jul, 2017

In the Netherlands, the Dutch Health Minister is allowing children born through in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) in a clinic accused of dubious practices, to have access to their records. Sperm bank director, Jan Karbaat, who died in April 2017, is accused of giving his own sperm instead of selected donor sperm. He could be the biological father of around twenty children (see the Netherlands: former sperm bank director is the biological father of at least 19 children).


The MC Bijdrop Clinic, which was closed in 2009 for administrative irregularities, transferred its records to a university medical centre where they could be consulted. The Health Minister has, however, warned that investigators questioned the reliability of the stored documents. They advised “the children of donors not to search their records because they would find far more questions than answers“.


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AFP (20/06/2017)

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