Korea authorises a research protocol using human embryo stem cells

Publié le 10 Jul, 2016

The South Korean Ministry of Health has authorised a research team at CHA University to use human embryo stem cells for its research. The team led by Professor Lee Dong-Ryul requested this seven years ago. The Government has granted authorisation “provided that the University complies with the ethical standards raised”, i.e. it complies with legislation governing the collection of embryos and uses them strictly “for clinical purposes”. A State Ethics Committee will closely monitor how the research advances and will check that the cloning ban is upheld.


The team will use 600 embryos over the next five years “in an attempt to develop treatments for rare diseases”. However, “concerns exist regarding the side effects of embryo stem cells,” announced Lee Dong-Wook from the Ministry for Health.

The Korea Herald (11/07/2016)

Korea approves CHA University’s embryonic stem cell research

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