Japan, Yamanaka drives forward the use of IPS cells in medicine

Publié le : 3 January 2014

 The 2012 Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine, Professor Yamanaka, is creating a network of scientists in an attempt to stimulate medical advances through IPS cell technology. It has been highlighted that, although IPS cells have generated advances in regenerative medicine, little progress has been made with regard to new medicinal products.

"We want to push forward research with doctors across the country [in Japan] in order to provide patients with results"
, explains Yamanaka, Director of the IPS Cell Research and Application Centre at Kyoto University. He aims to have numerous scientists working at his centre because there are still treatments to be found for hundreds of disorders.
According to Yamanaka, "Japan is lagging behind the United States and Europe in terms of discovering medicinal products using IPS cell technology". He intends to request public funding and private donations to make up for lost time. The Science Minister has allocated 110 billion Yen (760 million €) to finance IPS cell research over a 10-year plan starting in 2013.

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