IVF: Two friends discover that they are brother and sister

Publié le 15 May, 2017

In England, Georgia Bond and Jack Bowman, two British teenagers from Liverpool who have been friends for years, “have found out that they were both conceived by in-vitro fertilisation“. They “had even joked about having the same sperm donor“.


Having discovered that they could access “information about their sperm donors“, they endeavoured to discover the “identity of their biological father“.


Jack, who was the first to make enquiries, found out that he “had a sister born in 1998, i.e. the same year as his friend, Georgia“. This information gave Georgia the incentive “to ask for tests“. 


Finally, after weeks of waiting, the two friends discovered that they had “the same sperm donor“. This situation could have been embarrassing if the two teenagers had been more than just friends.

BFMTV (02/05/2017)

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