IVF: study in favour of single embryo transfer

Publié le 29 Nov, 2017

During the meeting of the  American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) in early November, the results of a study undertaken by the universities of Colorado and Duke were presented to delegates. The results showed that the implantation of a single embryo during in-vitro fertilisation procedures produced better results and healthy children. Scientists argue that the “success rate” is twice as high with a single embryo. To arrive at this conclusion, they examined the data of 30,000 patients who underwent IVF between 2012 and 2014. In most cases, two to three embryos were transferred, leading, if  “successful”, to multiple pregnancies, which are riskier for mother and child.


Doctor Polotsky, who led the study, wants to encourage doctors to focus on the health of mother and child: “One pregnancy is not enough,” he reported.

Bionews, Helen Robertson (6/11/2017)

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