Italy: the adoption of a child by the biological father’s partner is upheld by the courts

Publié le 21 Mar, 2016

In Italy, the Minors’ Court of Rome “has upheld the adoption of a child by the biological father’s partner”. The child in question is 6 years old and “was born in Canada to a surrogate mother”. This decision is final “in the absence of any appeal within the legal timeframe”.


Since 2014, this same court “has upheld at least fifteen or so adoptions by partners of the biological mothers”. However, the decisions were suspended because the prosecution appealed. One of the adoptions was upheld in an appeal hearing “but must now be heard before the Court of Cassation”.


At the end of February, the Italian Senate adopted legislation on civil unions “minus any provision to adopt the partner’s natural children, to the great dismay of homosexual associations” (cf. Family Day: Thousands of Italians demonstrate against the “civil union” draft bill).

France TV (22/03/2016)

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