“Italy: conscientious objection under threat”

Publié le : 19 June 2013

 In Italy, where a growing number of gynaecologists and paramedical personnel are refusing to carry out terminations of pregnancy, (Gènéthique press review on Jun 3rd, 2013) Francesco Belletti, president of the Italian Forum of Family Associations, has protested against the recent motion submitted by the Democrats in the Senate. This calls for the intervention of the "Italian government […] in the light of the growing numbers of Italian gynaecologists who are conscientious objectors." Conscientious objection is authorised by the law no. 194 of 1978 relating to the termination of pregnancy.     

Francesco Belletti expresses his astonishment: "the most incredible thing is that nobody, at any time, seeks to know the reasons why over 70% of gynaecologists do not wish to carry out abortions. […] Surely this is linked to what they ‘see’ in the operating theatres? And to the fact that they do not wish to betray their conscience and the promise that they made by pronouncing the Hippocratic oath which says ‘no’ to the elimination of a human being?"

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