Israel: Clinical trial involving human embryo stem cells to continue

Publié le 17 Jul, 2016

The Israeli team authorised in September 2015 (see  Authorisation for a new clinical trial involving human embryo stem cells) to work on human embryo stem cells (hESC) in an attempt to discover treatment for ARMD[1], has announced “encouraging results” at the end of the first phase of the trial. Scientists are now embarking on the second phase which will involve giving new patients bigger injections of human embryo stem cells.


The treatment known as “OpRegen”involves injecting hESC-derived cells into patients presenting with ARMD – a condition that occurs following degradation of some of the cells in the retina. The trial is financed by the Fighting Blindness Foundation based in Columbia, State of Maryland, United States of America.


[1] Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

The Times of Israel (16/07/2016)

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