Is the Australian Ethics Committee ready to authorise gender selection?

Publié le 27 Aug, 2015

Given the extent of procreative tourism which is driving more and more Australian couples abroad to “choose the gender of their child conceived by in-vitro fertilisation”, the Ethics Committee is contemplating authorising this option in Australia.


It is already possible in Australia to select the gender of a child conceived by IVF“to prevent the transmission of a genetic disease”, but many couples are turning up the heat to extend this “option”“to all cases of medically assisted procreation”.


 Several members of the Ethics Committee have voiced their opposition to this move, for various reasons: Bob Phelps explained that, “While parents can choose a variety of things for their children, I don’t think that their gender should be one of them at this stage”. He quoted the example of China or India. Tereza Hendl, fears that such a measure would “reinforce stereotypical gender roles”.


Before the Committee draws its conclusions and “the Australian Government makes a decision”, Australians can “give their views on this issue online”.

JIM (28/08/2015)

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