Is abortion necessary when the mother’s life is in danger?

Publié le 11 Mar, 2019

The argument put forward to defend the proposal to extend the law on abortion in New York State and to authorize it during the nine months of pregnancy is that abortion is sometimes medically necessary. But OB-GYNs know that there is no situation where abortion is medically necessary and that the destruction of the unborn child is not necessary to save the life of the woman.


In case of danger to the mother, what is necessary is to separate the mother and the child. And the doctor, in accordance with the Hippocratic Oath and the Dublin Declaration, may separate the child from its mother in an attempt to do everything possible to save its life, in contrast with an abortion which deliberately ends the life of the child. But ending the child’s life does not save its mother.


During a late-term abortion, the baby is injected with a poison to stop its heart and induce labour. This takes between two and three days. As such, abortion is not a solution in emergency situation. Abortion is not meant to separate the child from its mother. Thus, this argument is not in line with reality. In reality, the doctor can separate the mother and child while attempting to give both the best chance to live.


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