Irish President in favour of legalising abortion

Publié le : 2 August 2013

 On Tuesday 30 July 2013, Irish President, Michael Higgins, announced the first law legalising abortion in Ireland. This legislation put forward by the government, was approved by Parliament on 12 July 2013 (Gènéthique press review of July 8th, 2013). The new law authorises abortion "if the continuation of pregnancy poses a ‘real and substantial life-threatening risk to the mother", which must be certified by doctors. If a woman presents a suicide risk, this information be unanimously confirmed by an obstetrician and two psychiatrists.          

According to Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister, Eamon Gilmore, "the main aim of this legislation is to save women’s lives. A basic law should be introduced". But as far as Caroline Simons – member of an anti-abortion movement – is concerned, it seems that "for the first time in [the] country, it is now legal to take the life of an innocent human being". Before this legislation was announced, abortion had been the subject of a constitutional ban. The fact that the President did not pass the law before handing it over to the Supreme Court to scrutinise the constitutional aspects, has surprised some analysts. The new legislation will lift the constitutional ban but Caroline Simons has vowed that "the Pro-life Movement will now channel all its energy to repeal this unjust law". 

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