Ireland: towards a legalisation of abortion?

Publié le : 5 April 2013

 In Ireland, the debate on abortionhas been relaunched, in a country where, since 1983, following a referendum, the termination of pregnancy has been banned and this ban is laid down in the Constitution. The government is preparing a bill to be voted on before the summer. According to it, "abortion could be authorised if the life of the woman is endangered by her pregnancy."        
But many citizens are opposed to this change. Thus, "in January, 25,000 people took part in demonstrations against any legalisation of abortion, a high figure for a country of 4.5 million inhabitants. Over one third of the members of Fine Gael, the centre-right party in power, threaten to vote against the bill […]." They are "opposed to a measure in the bill: in case of the risk of suicide of the pregnant woman, abortion may be authorised. They fear that this clause could be used as a way of legalising abortion without actually saying so."  

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