Ireland adopts a law authorising abortion

Publié le : 12 July 2013

 Overnight of Thursay 11th to Friday 12th of July, Irish MPs voted in favour of a law to legalize abortion. The law, proposed by the government, was voted 127 for and 31 against following debates that resulted in 165 amendments. The final stage is the upper chamber, where the government has a majority. The new law authorizes abortion "if there is a ‘real and substantial risk’ to the life of the mother if the pregancy goes to term" – the risk being evaluated by doctors. Furthermore, "if there is a risk of suicide by the mother, the obstetrician and two psychiatrists must agree." For some MPs, this clause was seen as an open invitation to future terminations.

This law has nonetheless been adopted amidst controversy. Large scale demonstrations have taken place over the last few months, with as many as 25,000 people gathering in January and 35,000 people last Saturday, 6th July, in Dublin. Following this legislation, Malta is now the only country in Europe where abortion is still illegal.

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